Best Safety Razor Reviews For 2019

Best Safety Razor Reviews For 2019

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1. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34c

This hand crafted chrome finished razor is made by Merkur in Germany. It is both decorative and traditional. Old fashioned shaving at it’s best. It has a good weight to it which feels reassuring in the hand. Therefore less pressure is needed but still giving you a smooth and comfortable shave.

Length: 8cm Weight: 80g. Take note this has a short thick handle with some extra weight to it is what makes this one special. Some guys prefer this type of handle and weight because it’s easy to control and the heavy razor does all the work so you don’t have to press hard on your face.

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2. Merkur Classic Safety Razor

The straight edge of this razor gives an extra close shave. It is finished in chrome and has a non slip grip handle adding confidence to your shaving experience especially if you are in the shower. No pressure is needed whilst using this razor as it will just glide over the skin. Length: 8.3cm Weight: 113g. Made in Germany by Merkur.

This is a 3 piece razor which means that you twist the handle to separate it from the head. The blade head breaks down into 2 parts so that you can fit the razor blade in the middle. This is less aggressive than the 34c model as well. So, take that into consideration if you are wanting to choose between the 34c vs 33c.

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3. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger established his manufacturing reputation with this razor. It is chrome plated with a mirror shine. The Edwin Jagger de89lbl  is engraved on the handle and has a closed comb safety razor head. It has a great balance when in hand. It has been designed to give a mild shave making it the perfect safety razor for beginners. Length: 9.5cm.

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Style

The handle can come in the following styles which is Ebony, Chrome, Chrome lined and Ivory. While this is a very popular choice among wet shavers you should be careful about dropping this. I personally dropped it and broke the screw where it attaches to the head and I saw others who had that issue. You can contact the company who will help you replace it.

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4. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This razor is made in Germany and comes from Merkur. A very close shave is achieved from the double edge design of this razor head. The extra long chrome handle is comfortable for everybody but more so for people with larger hands giving more confidence than trying to navigate a smaller one. It also helps when making the transition from disposable razors to traditional ones.

I use this one all the time and it’s one you can recommend to new or advanced shavers without question. A very sturdy razor and I shave fast with it, without any worries of being cut. So, if you are coming from a disposable razor for the first time into wet shaving I would start here and them move to something different once you get the hang of it.

It’s a nice 4″ handle and it’s very light weight with a twist off head that breaks down into two pieces to change out the blades.

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