Best Safety Razor Blades In 2019

Best Safety Razor Blades In 2019

1.My Favorite Go to Feather Razor Blades

When you are thinking about switching over to manual shaving from electric shavers you tend to get lost a bit on what safety razor to buy and which are the best double edge razor blades to start out with.  I’m going to cut right to the chase and list out the most popular double edge razor blades that skilled manual shavers use today.

  • One of the sharpest blades on the market
  • Manufactured with surgical precision
  • I get 10-15 shaves per blade
  • Very affordable
  • They Just Work Man

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Searching for the best double edge razor blade is not an easy task. It’s actually similar to locating the Holy Grail. Besides, there is no exact criteria we can use to single out the best double edge razor blade that works well on all our skins.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to get what works well on your skin. With countless companies joining the bandwagon, it has even become harder to get what works better on your skin.

Feather blades are by far the sharpest and I have found that I can use one blade for a solid week without worrying about changing it. They are really cheap to buy.

Many men have no idea how to shave with double edge razors or think it’s old fashion. Despite all the advancements in disposable razors everyone is used to, double edge razor blade shaving has found a way to come back and is now becoming a very popular wet shaving option with men who are in the know!.

2.Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

These are made in Japan by the Feather Company, with tremendous precision. They go to great lengths in making these blades as sharp as possible. They are one of the sharpest blades on the market for a close shave.

The same process and technology that is used to make the surgical blades are used to make feather blades. Professional surgeons trust these blades with people’s lives every day in surgery should tell you about the quality of the blade and trust.

These blades will fit in any double edge safety razor as well. What makes theses DE blades one of the top performers is that they are Hi-Stainless Platinum coated down to a fraction of a millimeter for a close shave. A little practice may be needed if you are not used to this method of shaving. Can be used on a couple of days growth and doesn’t blunt easily.

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