2 Best Beard Oils Reviews For Men

2 Best Beard Oils Reviews For Men

1.Devil’s Delight Beard Oil by Billy Jealousy 

Simply put, this beard oil is terrific. Currently, Billy Jealousy has three other beard oils with equally catchy names including “Beardo’s Bounty,” “Charm Offensive,” and “Gnarly Green.”

The Devil’s Delight is the best of the lot (actually, I haven’t tried Charm Offensive) because the scent is distinctively unique and pleasantly sweet.

  • Contains natural nourishing ingredients to promote fuller and healthier facial hair growth
  • Smells great (hints of black pepper, lavender, orange, coffee, vanilla and sandalwood)
  • Prevents flakes and itching
  • Smoothens as well as softens beard hair
  • Quite pricey

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According to Billy Jealousy, the Devil’s Delight has hints of black pepper, coffee, lavender, orange, sandalwood, and vanilla.

I’ll admit I wasn’t keen on getting it at first because of the “black pepper” and “coffee” notes.


I drink coffee every day and I use freshly ground black pepper in my cooking all the time, so of course I wouldn’t want my beautifully grown beard smelling like food!

But the mainly enthusiastic reviews I read online prompted me to pull the trigger, and I’m glad I did.

Figuring out the scent was a tad tricky initially. There were no hints of coffee or black pepper, which I’m thankful for.

Then I figured it out! To me, it has a richly sweet orange-vanilla smell.

Even though I’ve received plenty of compliments for wearing it, the oil’s fragrance did get a few unfavorable comments too. One buddy of mine said that “it smells sickeningly sweet.” Other naysayers echoed along the same lines.

Well, you can’t please them all.

However, the fragrance alone doesn’t really convey why the Devil’s Delight is so “terrific,” there are other positive aspects as well, such as making my beard look silky smooth, preventing skin irritation, and eliminating those pesky, flaky beard dandruff or “beard-druff”.

Aside from its pretty thick consistency, which is more like a coating than oil and its quite high price tag, I couldn’t be happier with this product.

2. Epic Moisture MP 10 Nourishing Oil, 2 fl. oz. by Jack Black

Unbelievably good but expensive, Jack Black’s Epic Moisture MP is one of those “you get what you pay for” types of products.

  • Contains a combination of 10 natural oils
  • Lightweight and seeps into the skin quickly
  • Moisturizes the beard and makes the hair more manageable
  • Versatile, can be applied onto your hair and other skin areas throughout your body
  • Can be used as a shaving oil
  • Has minimal fragrance
  • Pricey

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While the price doesn’t thrill me, I’m extremely pleased with the oil’s ability to soften my dense, coarse beard (not feminine soft, mind you) and the skin underneath.

Better yet, this oil can be used for just about any part of your body.

If you feel that your hair and certain areas of your skin lack moisture, apply a few squirts of the oil for a real quick hydration fix.

The first couple of things you’ll notice upon applying some on your beard is that it’s very light, has a very subtle citrus-like scent, and it evaporates quickly, leaving you with a fairly soft facial mane and not even a hint of greasiness.

Even if you have a wild frizzy beard, a few squirts of the oil should be able to tame those unruly hairs, making the whole thing manageable while adding some fine sheen to it.

Another cool thing about the Epic Moisture MP is that it works incredibly well as a pre-shave oil. I found that the shave it gave me was surprisingly smooth and close.

It’s worth noting that while it’s true that the product is on the pricey side, it shouldn’t require an awfully lot of squirts to soften up your beloved beard (unless your beard is epically long).

My beard which is approximately 3 inches long can be fully covered with just three squirts. So if you plan on using this exclusively for beard grooming purposes, I reckon it’ll take a while for the entire bottle to finish.

So, come to think of it, this thing isn’t really all that costly.

Jack Black (not that multi-talented celebrity!) packed some killer quality ingredients in this oil and it shows.

This is one moisturizer/ beard oil that I can enjoy using over and over again.

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